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1385 Highlands Ridge Road Ste C Smyrna, GA 30082
(770) 432-5600

Smyrna Chiropractor Offering Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Smyrna chiropractor Dr. Ara Leguizamon at East/West Spine and Rehab Clinic provides a calm, welcoming and friendly place to receive a wide range of all-natural health care services. We serve the areas of Smyrna, Mableton, and Austell with a number of services designed to help you achieve and maintain optimum health. He also has extensive experience with spinal alignments, which are effective in treating a number of conditions. These include neck pain and back pain associated with car accident injury, sports injury, personal injury issues and more.

In addition to our services, our Smyrna chiropractor also offers medical weight loss services and personal injury treatment programs with the goal of enhancing your health, wellness and quality of life. Walk-ins are welcome, as are patients with Medicare. Our Smyrna chiropractor can also work in conjunction with your medical doctor or personal injury attorney to make sure you get the treatment you need.

Sports Injury and Car Accident Injuries Treated by our Smyrna Chiropractor

Smyrna Chiropractor for Back Pain and Neck PainSports injury, personal injury, or car accident injury treatment plans offered by our Smyrna chiropractor, tend to be our most sought-after services. While each type of injury may produce varying amounts of damage, pain is generally the main thing they all have in common. One of our foremost aims is to alleviate the pain, which can often be achieved with spinal alignments. Alignments serve to realign the vertebrae into its proper positioning, which often serves to alleviate pain as well as correct the root cause of the problem. Our Smyrna chiropractor works closely with car accident injury or other injury attorneys that may be representing you so you can keep your focus on healing and recovery.

Smyrna Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition Plans

Chiropractic care extends beyond injury treatments, and you do not have to be injured to benefit from our services. Our focus on overall wellness ensures we can help you with a number of aspects that relate back to your heath, especially when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Nutrition and weight loss are key elements in our practice and we offer services to help with both in the form of our weight loss programs.

Smyrna chiropractor offering Medical Weight LossThese weight loss programs include medical weight loss plans such as HCG rapid weight loss systems, and Lipovite/B12 injections as well as Phentermine prescriptions, all monitored by a Medical Doctor.  Weight Loss for Life! is the medical weight loss program we recommend, and our own Smyrna chiropractor Dr. Leguizamon lost 40 pounds in four months following the plan. The program employs B12 and Lipo-vite injections, a prescription for Phentermine, and a meal plan designed just for you. We hold informational meetings about the plan from 5 to 7 p.m. every Monday and invite you to reserve your spot today.
The most effective way to discern if you can benefit from chiropractic care is to schedule an appointment. Our Smyrna chiropractor and staff are here to answer your questions and help ensure you are on the path to optimum health. We offer these services to the greater areas of Smyrna, Mableton, and Austell.

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Leguizamon
Meet Dr. Leguizamon
Dr. Ara Leguizamon, has been dedicated to helping you achieve your health objectives at East/West Spine and Rehab as a chiropractor in Smyrna for over six years.
Dr. Leguizamon knows that patients are often in pain when they come to our office, so he sets the standard for our practice by creating a friendly, calm environment. He wants patients to experience the many health and wellness benefits that can be realized by a professional chiropractor. Whether you're coming to our clinic for pain management services to relieve back pain due to a car accident injury, personal injury, or sports injury or if you're seeking a medical weight loss program, you'll be treated like a member of the family.
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A few years ago, I went to another chiropractor who caused me more physical pain than I started with. But with Dr. Ara, his gentle and high-tech treatments provided the relief that I needed years ago. His friendly demeanor to listen to my medical complaints, and then work with his chiropractic techniques to resolve them, created a comfortable and relaxing place to look forward to. He's a master at the craft!

- Richard M. / Smyrna, GA