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"I have been in constant pain, sometimes unbearable, for more than 2 years, with no end in sight. I was about to give up and just learned to deal with it. One day I notice East West Spine and Rehab from the road as I was driving by. I have never seen a chiropractor before and was a little nervous, but I thought, "let me try this and see".

The first day I walked in I was bent over, and walked with a limp. Dr Ara took me back examined me and adjusted me. From day one I felt less pain, but I did not want to get my hopes up. I continued going. One day during treatment my leg moved further and further, it felt as though something opened up inside of me. On that day I let go of some of my emotions that was holding me back.

I am now happier, I am not afraid to breathe or feel the pain of losing my sweet husband (it still hurts, but I have learned to deal with it).  Life is good, I feel better. Dr Ara worked with me. He is a kind gentle man and I respect him so much. He cared for me, and helped me to come back to the land of the living. I am walking better and my head is clearer. He cleared my pain and I will never be able to find the words to thank him, for taking ALL the pain away."

Ellen L. Smyrna, GA

"I fell down the stairs at home one Sunday, hurt my back and slammed my left knee into a step. On Monday, my back and knee hurt quite a bit but I tried to tough it out. By Tuesday, I could barely move so I called Dr. Ara. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but since I knew him from church, decided to give it a try. He took a complete medical history and just talked with me, making sure he understood my problems before he did anything. I told him about how my hands would go numb and tingly quite often and how I had no strength in my grip at all anymore. I thought both was a result of carpel tunnel and was something I just had to live with. Dr. Ara told me he believed he could help both problems, as well as speed up the healing process for my back - I had pulled a muscle. He also discovered one of my legs was longer than the other, which I knew because I couldn't stand evenly on both feet without feeling "crooked". I had also knocked my knee out of place when I hit the step.

He fixed both problems immediately. He took an x-ray of my neck and discovered several compressed discs, which were causing the numbness and tingling as well as affecting my grip. He put me in traction that day and for 3 more times after that and after just those 4 times, my grip had improved dramatically and the numbness and tingling had subsided. The muscle in my back was completely healed in less than a week. There was no pain at all associated with anything he did. I could not believe how good I felt after just those few visits to Dr. Ara. I thought most of my problems were due to age and I just had to live with them. Now I know that is not so and I am very grateful to Dr. Ara."

Bonnie E. Atlanta Ga

"I have had numbness and tingling in my hands for some time. My doctor told me that I needed surgery on my neck or I could have this condition permanently. A friend referred me to Dr Ara, and he was AMAZING. Within just a few short weeks, the numbness and tingling in my hands were completely gone! Dr Ara saved me from having surgery and I couldn't be more grateful! Thanks Dr. Ara!"

Merry L. Atlanta, Ga

"A few years ago, I went to another chiropractor who caused me more physical pain than I started with. But with Dr. Ara, his gentle and high-tech treatments provided the relief that I needed years ago. His friendly demeanor to listen to my medical complaints, and then work with his chiropractic techniques to resolve them, created a comfortable and relaxing place to look forward to. He's a master at the craft!"

Richard M., Marietta, Ga.

"Dr. Ara's advice on easy exercises to improve a client's health and designed to help the chiropractic treatments last longer are an asset to his practice. The ProAdjuster machine is a real treat to experience; it feels so stimulating on the neck and spine. It's the visual display on the doctor's computer monitor that shows gradual improvement on the alignment of the body, which also gave instant feedback to me on my progress. Dr. Ara's state-of-the art technology and friendly attitude makes him a real asset in the chiropractic field!"

J.D. M., Marietta, Ga.

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