Pinched Nerves

Nonsurgical Alternatives for Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve can be as painful as it sounds, and for some, the condition can be so serious as to require surgery. However, for most pinched-nerve sufferers, nonsurgical alternatives are available, and they can work well. These range from simple rest to treatments from a chiropractor to release muscular tension. Treating the condition successfully means finding the cause and the reasons why the condition never cleared up on its own. Once you know those, you can create a treatment plan that should at least make the condition somewhat better, if not make it completely better. At East West Spine & Rehab Clinic in Smyrna, our staff knows how complicated treatment can be -- and how simple it can become when you're on the right track.

Nonsurgical Alternatives for Pinched Nerves

What Is a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve is one that is being compressed by surrounding body parts. In other words, the nerve is literally getting pinched on all sides by things like inflamed tendons. A pinched nerve can also happen when it is caught by normal bone and muscle that have been constricted, such as when you bend your elbow.

What Needs to Happen for the Nerve to Recover?

For the nerve to recover, the pressure needs to be alleviated. Anything inflamed needs to be soothed, and if excessive entrapment through a bent joint is the problem, you need to allow the nerve to straighten out. An example would be a trapped ulnar nerve in your elbow that is experiencing pressure because you keep leaning on that elbow or placing it on the window ledge in your car as you drive. Your arm, muscles, and tendons aren't swollen, but you're creating this artificial compression by smashing your elbow against a tabletop or car door, in addition to the compression created naturally when you bend your elbow.

How Can Chiropractic Work Help?

A chiropractor can help you in a few ways, but the main way for entrapped or pinched nerves is to essentially loosen up the area. You'll likely have to rest the affected limb, straighten out bent joints, and stop bad habits like keeping your arms in awkward positions that exacerbate compression. But you'll also go through adjustments to help relax surrounding muscles and tendons. The goal is to reduce the compression as much as possible, allowing your body to increase its ability to heal any inflammation.

Don't Wait With Pinched Nerves

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