Headache Treatment with Our Chiropractor in Mableton

If you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines, then you know how debilitating their effects can be in your daily life. Rather than mask their symptoms with potentially harmful medications, our chiropractor in Mableton helps patients find natural relief by addressing the root cause of their pain. General headaches have many causes, most of which are related to muscle tension in the neck and back. Although doctors do not yet have a full understanding of what happens to the body during a migraine, we do understand that certain stimuli can trigger them. Our chiropractor works with patients to determine triggers, which might include muscle tension, in order to manage migraines. 

headache treatment from our chiropractor in smyrna

Suffering from Post-Traumatic Headaches? Our Chiropractor Can Help 

Post-traumatic headaches differ because they result from accidents. Post-traumatic headaches involve constant, unyielding pain due to head or neck trauma. Traumatic injuries include whiplash (the whip-like hyperextension and hyper-flexing of the neck's soft tissues when a vehicle is struck from behind) or a blow to the head. 

Seeking medical care right away after an auto accident is important because of symptoms of accident injury, such as a post-traumatic headache, sometimes only appear after hours or days have passed. Also, if symptoms occur right away, remember that the severity of the symptoms experienced does not always correspond to the severity of the accident. Minor collisions, occurring at speeds as low as five miles per hour, have the potential to cause debilitating injury. 

Headache Relief and Auto Accident Injury Treatment with Spinal Decompression

During a headache or auto accident injury treatment evaluation, our chiropractor works with each patient to establish a wellness plan by performing a physical examination and consultation regarding the patient's current symptoms, medical history, injury history, and the patient's treatment goals. Wellness plans consist of various chiropractic treatments on a schedule which might include spinal adjustments, cold laser therapy, corrective exercise, and our state of the art DynaPro Spinal Health System. 

The DynaPro Spinal Health System is a method of spinal decompression therapy which uses light therapy to relax a patient's soft tissues, such as the muscles, prior to using its computer-assisted scanning technology and traction table to apply traction at targeted locations along the patient's spine. Spinal decompression therapy has been shown to be effective in treating conditions related to the spine, such as a post-traumatic headache, bulging discs, and herniated discs by correcting spinal subluxations (misaligned vertebrae), increasing circulation around an injury, and reducing inflammation. 

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If you suffer from tension headaches, migraines, or post-traumatic headaches following an accident, then we encourage you to seek natural and non-invasive treatment at East West Spine and Rehab Clinic with our Smyrna chiropractor. To learn more about how chiropractic care can help you find relief from pain or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (770) 432-5600. We also invite new patients to find out whether chiropractic is right for them during a free consultation with our chiropractor. 

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