Sports Injury

How Do You Determine If You Have a Sport Injury? 

Most people are aware that if they have a sports injury, they should get treatment right away. What they might not know is how to tell if they have regular soreness or an actual sports injury. What are the signs they ought to look for? This blog will answer that question, courtesy of your friendly chiropractor in Smyrna from East West Spine and Rehab Clinic.


What Are Some Indications of an Injury?

You should seek professional advice immediately if you have any of the following signs of injury:

  1. Difficulty walking or standing
  2. Trouble moving joints like a leg or an arm
  3. Visible swelling in any of your limbs or joint areas
  4. Locking up of your joints or tightness in muscles
  5. Any level of back or neck pain

You should already have a chiropractor on-hand that you can call. If you do not, get one as soon as you can. Make certain he or she is experienced in diagnosing the symptoms described above. Do not wait to get checked out; otherwise, there could be long-term damage from the injury.

Other Signs That Require Immediate Medical Attention

If you are experiencing any pain at all, even if it feels minor. If that does not go away or prevents you from completing your daily activities, see your chiropractor immediately. Another acute problem is, if that pain stops you from sleeping through the night, it could be serious. This does not necessarily have to be a sharp, shooting pain. Even if it is only a tingling feeling or a muscle spasm, do seek professional help. Additionally, any problem with a nerve in your body ought to be checked out right away too.

What Treatment Might the Chiropractor Recommend?

This depends completely on the diagnosis. It is also possible that a simple adjustment from the chiropractor will do the trick. He or she may suggest an over-the-counter medication, or perhaps prescribe something. Your specific sports injury could require some form of physical therapy. The length of time for that treatment also depends on your diagnosis. There really is no way of knowing the treatment details until a professional gives you his or her opinion. 

Finding the Right Chiropractor for the Job

If you participate in any kind of physical activity or a sport, you need a professional who understands your unique requirements. Take, for example, East West Spine and Rehab Clinic of Smyrna GA. We know that niche of the rehab world inside and out. We are experienced in describing what is wrong and what your treatment must be. We even have emergency care services for sudden, unexpected problems. Call us at (770) 432-5600 today and get to know us. Then you will be ready when the time for assistance arrives. 

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