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Personal Injury Care From Our Mableton and Smyrna Chiropractor​

A personal injury can easily become a personal nightmare. Herniated discs, strained muscles, dislocated joints and pinched nerves can render you incapable of performing even the simplest tasks without agonizing pain and other debilitating symptoms. Whether you've experienced a simple slip and fall in your own home or you've sustained whiplash in a major auto accident injury, you should know that safe, drug-free, non-invasive treatment is available -- in the form of personal injury care from our Mableton and Smyrna chiropractor, Dr. Lequizamon.

personal injury care from our mableton and smyrna chiropractor

Understanding Your Workplace Injury, Auto Accident Injury, Slip and Fall Injury or Other Personal Injury

You may have noticed the term "personal injury" applied to a great many different situations, from a workplace injury or auto accident injury to a slip and fall injury or even a sports injury. Technically, a personal injury is any kind of damage that an accident inflicts on your body, as opposed to your property or someone else's property. These various kinds of injury can leave you with various kinds of pain and suffering as well. For instance:

  • An auto accident injury sufferers often experience whiplash, an acute condition that may include herniated cervical discs, vertebral displacement, soft tissue damage and impinged nerve roots in the cervical spine.
  • An improper or unassisted effort to lift a heavy object at work can shift structures in your lower spine, herniating lumbar discs and tearing muscles.
  • An acute injury on the playing field can occur when you're hit hard, suffer a bad fall or twist a joint past its capacity.
  • Slip and fall incidents can knock your spinal column out of alignment, resulting in joint pain and stiffness.

It should be noted that personal injuries aren't always caused by traumatic events. Repetitive motions over a long period of time can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, neck problems, back problems and other painful strain-related conditions.

Conservative Treatment Options 

If you want a deeper, safer, longer-lasting solution to your personal injury symptoms than regular doses of painkilling drugs, turn to East West Spine and Rehab Clinic for conservative treatment solutions that fix, not just your symptoms, but the underlying causes of those symptoms. Our chiropractor can correct a spinal misalignment caused by a high-impact injury, allowing your joints to work normally again. Spinal decompression can relieve the pain and nerve problems caused by herniated discs. Stretches and other rehabilitative exercises can help your body heal more quickly and completely. We can even provide lifestyle advice to help you minimize your risk of future personal injuries.

Our Smyrna and Mableton Personal Injury Chiropractor Is Ready to Help You Heal

Our clinic offers a free consultation for new patients, so there's no excuse for letting a personal injury put your life on hold. Call (770) 432-5600 today to schedule an evaluation and treatment from our Smyrna and Mableton personal injury chiropractor! We look forward to meeting with you!

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