Spinal Decompression Therapy


The DynaPro Spinal Health System is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of back and neck pain! With this system there are Three phases of care:

1.  Light Therapy:  Any treatment for back and neck pain is going to involve the muscles of the back in some way.  But if the muscles associated with the back are tense, sore, or in spasm, the treatment will not be as effective.  The Dynapro System starts with the application of Light Therapy, which has been cleared by the FDA for the relaxation of muscles.  A light pad is placed on top of the affected area for 9 minutes, or for smaller areas, a light probe is used.  The light is at the optimum wavelength to deaply penetrate the muscles.  Following Light Therapy, your muscles are now more relaxed and ready for the next phase of care, thus ensuring a more effective result. 

2.  Targeted Decompression:  In a healthy spine, the vertebrae that protct the spinal cord are separated by discs made up of sponge-like tissue which absorb the shock of movement in the spine.  Back and Neck pain may be caused by several problems with the discs including: Degenerative Disc Disease and Herniated discs.  The goal of targeted decompression is to apply steady, gentle distraction to the affected vertebrae, increasing the space between them.  this produced several benefits:

-It takes pressure off of the discs, bone structures, and nerves in the area.  This increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the discs and promotes healing.

-With increases space, a bulging disc may flow back into the space between the vertebrae where it belongs.

-Misaligned joints may see an improvement in alignment, giving them greater mobility.

-There is now an increased space for spinal nerves to flow from the spine to other parts of the body.

3.  Core-Stabilization Exercises:  Once the pain has diminished it is recommended that you begin an exercise program to strengthen supportive core muscles and improve flexibility.  This increases flexibility and strength, and lessens the possibility for re-injury in the future. 

Cleared by the FDA: The DynaPro Spinal Health System has been cleared by the FDA to relieve pain associated with herniated discs, protruding discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and sciatica. 

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